The Book

   The companion book to our music and our project, Bristol Echoes: Tracing the Legacy of Country Music does just that - gives the reader a firm, basic understanding of where country music came from, how it grew, and the true importance of the 1927 Bristol Sessions upon its growth and direction. As we approach the 100th anniversary of those landmark recording sessions, it is more important than ever that a clear understanding of their significance on the country music of today is recognized, and that another generation can benefit by that knowledge. The book further traces the geographic extent of the sessions and the music they produced: from the south right up into the northern reaches of the country. A historian of the era from just prior to WW1 right up to the 1940's, Robert J. Laplander brings his considerable research and writing skills to bear on this project, as well as his 40 years' experience playing and studying historic country music. The result is a very readable and enjoyable look at the very thing that Bristol Echoes portrays in music as well. The book will make an excellent companion to the recorded collections we will be offering and will no doubt quickly earn a favorite spot on your shelf! 

   Release is anticipated in 2024.