Rob and Lisa - Bristol Echoes - are musical tour guides to the birth and formative years of country music, telling the stories of the songs, the heroes, and the villains. It’s a rich, interesting story, full of discovery and sounds now not often heard – but not to be forgotten.” - Robert J Laplander

Welcome to the Bristol Echoes website!  

   Hillbilly music... 'Old Timey' music... traditional American folk music... whatever you choose to call it, if you're searching for traditional country music, you're in the right place! Welcome to Bristol Echoes, where the past is present! Here you will find all the information on the hottest new traditional country act around - Bristol Echoes! More than just a another musical act representing the great country music of the 1920's through the 1940's, Bristol Echoes is a musical history lesson, put forth with verve and enthusiasm by two consummate musicians. Bristol Echoes traces the beginnings of country music leading up to those historic sessions held by Victor records in Bristol Tennessee in July and August 1927. Then they really kick into high gear and demonstrate how those landmark sessions have resonated forward through time. Those 'echoes' have provided the bedrock of the country music industry ever since; indeed continuing through even to this day. Bristol Echoes demonstrates that reach forward by reaching back, inviting the listener along for a wonderful journey through time and music, tinged with the stories, the personalities, the humor, and even a touch of vaudeville, all of which made that time, and music, so very special.  

   So we welcome you to explore our site, delve into the music, and come and seek us out! You'll find us driving a musical time machine - and you're invited along for the ride!

Latest News

June 18, 2023 - We launched the first edition of our website.  Rob and Lisa are planning a busy Summer and Fall  getting music and stories to you. Announcing more news as we get it, please check back.